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VDA Passport线上质量培训课程重磅登场!

(Summary description)

VDA Passport线上质量培训课程重磅登场!

(Summary description)



The VDA Passport is a certification-based online course that consists of three (3) sessions with content on quality management systems, QM standards and relevant methods with the aim to foster a more diversified knowledge and a broader “Quality” education especially in manufacturing companies.

VDA Passport是一个基于认证的在线课程,包括关于质量管理系统、QM标准和相关方法的学习课程,目的是培养更多样化的知识和更广泛的“质量”教育,特别是在制造业。  


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” (Henry Ford)


In order to bring the “quality first mindset” to everybody’s doorstep, VDA-QMC in cooperation with the German Chamber of Commerce in North China together with the VDA license partner Accu X-Tech are pleased to invite you to the first online session of our comprehensive quality upgrade education course on June 10.

为了将“质量第一的思想”带到每个人的家门口,Accu X-Tech中国德国商会以及VDA授权的合作伙伴很高兴地邀请您参加6月的全面质量升级教育课程的在线课程。


VDA Passport - Session overview:

VDA module.png




Learning Content (Session 2) 学习内容(第二节课):

13:30-13:35    Welcome 欢迎

13:35-16:30    Learning Content Session 2 学习内容(第二节课)

                       Production Process and Product Approval 生产和生产件批准

                       - VDA2 and PPA

                      Q-Tools in Life Cycle 质量工具

                      - FMEA, QFD, Kano

                      - SPC, VDA 5, 8D, Poka-Yoke

                      - Kaizen / Lessons learned

                      - Automotive Spice

16:30-17:00    Online Examination 线上考试


Certificate/Test 证书/考试:

Each online session will be followed by an online examination (multiple choice questions) based on a document (test form) that will be provided to attendees before the course starts. 每节课后,将根据每节课前提供给参会者的文件(测试卷)进行在线考试(多选题)。

The test document is password protected and the password will be provided at the end of each learning session by the instructor. Each test will take part directly after each session and you will have 30 min in total for each test. Your answers (file) have to be sent to an e-mail address after its completion within a certain time frame on the same day. 测试卷有密码保护,密码将在每节学习课结束时由教师提供。每次测试将在每节课后直接进行,你总共有30分钟时间完成你的测试。你的答案(文件)必须在同天的一定时间内完成后发送到一个电子邮件地址。

All tests of the sessions are needed to finally receive the VDA Passport certificate. Further instructions you will receive after successful registration for each session. 最终获得VDA Passport证书您需要完成所有课程的测试,在成功注册每期课程后,您将收到进一步的说明。


Language: Chinese/中文


Fee: GCC Member 德国商会会员:300 RMB (one session) | Non-Member 非会员:600 RMB(one session)


ACCU Xtech 特别礼遇邀请非德国商会但有兴趣参与课程的伙伴想有与商会会员的同等优惠。


有任何相关问题请恰:139-174-90547 Vicky Su (ACCU Xtech项目主管)


Please note 请注意:

Registration and payment upfront is mandatory. Please register first and you will receive an Email including payment instructions. 请您务必注册并提前付款。注册后您将收到含有付款方式的邮件。

Paid participants will receive a confirmation mail including login link (zoom) and access information for the webinar. 已付款的参会者将上课之前收到在线课程的登录链接(zoom)和访问信息。

Electronic Fapiao will be sent to your email within one week after the event. 电子发票将在活动结束后一周内发送至您邮箱。

Any question on VDA Passport, please contact Mr. Chris Huang, Project Director at Accu X-Tech Suzhou, +86-15921801835. 如有任何关于VDA Passport问题请电话咨询Mr. Chris Huang。

Any question on registration and payment, please contact shenyang@china.ahk.de. 如有任何注册及付款问题请通过上述邮箱联系我们。




Date and location:


Date:  2022-06-17 13:30 ~ 17:00

Location:   Virtual


Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 1.50.48 PM.png

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VDA Passport线上质量培训课程重磅登场!
VDA Passport线上质量培训课程重磅登场!
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