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Quality& VDA-QMC


Quality& VDA-QMC

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ACCU X-Tech is a license partner of VDA-QMC China. VDA-QMC is one of the oversight offices of IATF, the governing body of the IATF 16949 standard. VDA-QMC is operating in China since 2006 and has an excellent reputation inside the auto industry in China. Their training certificate are valuable and create value for each certificate holder. ACCU X-Tech can now deliver any VDA-QMC trainings with VDA-QMC certificates, either as public training for individual persons or as in-house training for companies or institutions.

Besides VDA-QMC Trainings ACCU X-Tech offers also trainings with ACCU Certificates, proven for long time in the market as profound addition to the VDA-QMC trainings and certificates. See a list of ACCU Trainings on this website


ACCU X-Tech also sells the VDA-QMC books and own ACCU books in the Quality Area.
Please see the book ordering page.
Note: For QMS audits books are needed as reference and need to have been registered with an ISBN number…books without ISBN number may cause a non conformity.


IATF 16949 Trainings

The preparatory course (course number xxx)
This course is recommended for 3rd party auditors to prepare themselves for the exam. The trainers are very experienced and familiar with the requirements either as trainer or examiner for IATF 16949.

The 2nd party auditor course (course number xxx)
These courses are recommended for OEM or 1st tier managers who have to audit their suppliers.

For more trainings please see the VDA-QMC catalogue (download here) or the ACCU X-Tech catalogue (download here)

Process Audit VDA 6.3

This is the most requested VDA Training. It ends with an exam and a certificate for successful passing. VDA 6.3 becomes more and more a requirement of every OEM to their suppliers. The standard will be reissued end 2022 and 2023 ACCU X-Tech will be able to hold the trainings according to the new release of VDA 6.3

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© 2021 ACCU Group Co., Ltd.  All rights reserved.   苏ICP备2021048007号-1