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The automotive industry presently undergoes its biggest transition in their history. Automotive companies no longer see their reason to be in producing and selling motorized vehicles with combustion engines and gearboxes to private and group owners.
The products change from complex powertrains with ten thousands of parts to rather simple electric drive trains with plenty of software replacing mechanical connections.
The basic backbone is not made from metal, it is the software that runs the car and its communication.
The car does nor simply stand there or drive, it communicates with each other and its environment.
The quality focus shift from the design and production phase to the phase where the customer uses it or where it is recycled.
These changes require new thinking, new methods, new people, new approaches…..without sacrificing the benefits of the classic existing systems and tools.


ACCU X-Tech is your partner to realize the changes

With its 4 main divisions ACCU X-Tech helps you to manage the changes in your own territory, your supply chain (outside – in) and your market chain (inside – out).

Q-Division : Quality

-ACCU Group is one of the biggest Quality service groups in the current production and logistics area. ACCU X-Tech expands the services to high level Training and Consulting and is one of the very few companies selected by VDA-QMC as their license partner. ACCU X-Tech focusses on new, modern, not boring ways of delivering trainings…onsite and also online. ACCU X-Tech can issue certificates and support HR in setting up a personal performance system in the quality area.
-ACCU X-Tech can drastically reduce work and increase speed by their proprietary SaaS software in both chains, outside – in and inside – out.

I-Division: Digital&Security

ACCU X-Tech serves as an umbrella organization for many highly qualified specialists in modern digital standards and offers consulting and training for A-Spice, Functional Safety and Cybersecurity. ACCU X-tech is continuously working with leading clients and government institutions to upgrade the existing tools, methods and standards to the demands of the automotive companies and also the general public, the end user.
-ACCU X-Tech can also guide you through digital transitions, either in your own area or your chains, increasing efficiency and creating transparency.

S-Division: Sustainability

“Carbon Neutrality is the next Quality”….ACCU X-Tech helps you to achieve your carbon goals and comply to the requirements of your customers and your environment, save taxes and reduce penalties. ACCU X-Tech can support to implement your demands along your supply or market chains. We also work for municipalities and industry park operators, contact us!

Accu X-Tech is your consulling partner to prepare you for an ISO 50001 Audit. With our Energy Management Partner NECreat we assist you to implement energy saving measures and subsequently arrange your Carbon reporting, support Carbon related credit arrangements and tax reduction applications.

D-Division:ACCU X-Tech Software

ACCU X-Tech pioneers the digitalization in the quality area. We digitalized the 8D Reporting and provide a powerful tool for OEMs as well as the supply chain members in reducing defect handling efforts. We constantly develop more SaaS applications such as governance systems and keep you informed about the progress.

Our goal is the maximum digitalization of all Quality Management Areas.

Call us in case you wish to be part of the development in those areas:

  • Digital Governance
  • Digital Quality (Digital Obeya, Digital 8D Report)
  • Digital Food Tracing
  • Digital Carbon Tracing

ACCU X-Tech also offers management consulting in above areas of expertise

Our Consulting Team consists of very experienced senior consulting directors and a  consulting team with many successful reference projects on their record.

We support in factory planning, digital transitions, Project management office (PMO), Quality related projects, change management, energy management and also export readiness.

© 2021ACCU Group Co., Ltd.  All rights reserved.   苏ICP备2021048007号-1

© 2021 ACCU Group Co., Ltd.  All rights reserved.   苏ICP备2021048007号-1